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By Crusader1307

Popular in 16th Century Italy, The Cabasset was a steel protective Helmet based off The Spanish Morion. The Cabasset was more taller and conical, harkening back to the Ancient Greek Konos Helmet of the 1st Century BC. A steel brim (roughly only 3-inches in width), completely encircled the entirety of The Cabasset. Weighing 5-pounds, The Cabasset was held on the head, by the Wearer using a cloth or leather Cap. A strap  (also leather), wad affixed as a firm of Chin Strap. Popular with Pikemen, the style would be imported into England, where it was adopted by English Civil War Leader Oliver Cromwell and his famed "Ironside Cavalry". The Cabasset even was among the first Steel Helmets to go to The New World with English Colonists.