Byzantine Silk

  • Historical Clothing
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By Crusader1307

''Byzantine'' Silk was a popular clothing fabric common to The Byzantine Empire from the 3rd Century AD to the 15th Century AD. Constantinople was the Capital of The Empire and became the central manufacturing point for Silk fabric. It would trade and export it's Silk throughout the known World. So well made and fine, Byzantine Silk was also used as a form of currency. Byzantine Silk, in addition to clothing, was also used as a painting medium (canvas). In this form, Icons were often painted onto the material. Noted for it's bright dyed colors with Gold and Silver thread embroidery, Byzantine Silk would hold sway until the rise of The Italian Silk Industry of the 12th Century. Although a rival, Byzantine Silk was still sought after by the wealthy (over the cheaper Italian). With The Fall of The Byzantine Empire in the 15th Century, The Italian Industry would become the dominant producer.