Byzantine Hikanatoi

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By Crusader1307

Another type of Eastern Empire, or Byzantine Imperial Guard were The Hikanatoi. They were formed for duty in The Capital City of The Empire – Constantinople around the late 9th Century AD. They are also referred to as The ''Tagmata'' in certain texts. The Hikanatoi were based on several Western Roman Imperial Units and were trained in the same combat tactics (Shield Wall, Distance Spear Throwing, etc.). A Member did not have to be of Noble blood to be selected. Often, after years of service and experience, The Hikanatoi could advance or be promoted into higher Officer Ranks within The Byzantine Army in general. The Byzantine were among the first to use this methods of advancement. Experts in small Unit tactics, The Hikanatoi provided a small detachment of specially selected Guard for use by The Byzantine Imperial Family. They also protected various diplomatic Vistors to Court when required.