Butler's Light Regiment of Horse Flag

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By Crusader1307

The Parliamentarian Regiment, raised to oppose English King Charles I – was commanded by Colonel Robert Butler. The Regiment was deployed primarily as a Garrison Unit for the entirety of it's wartime service. They were raised in 1644. They were composed of 180 Officers and Men. The Regiment was attacked several times by Royalist Forces at Hemloch and Corfe Castles (1644 and 1645). They also fought in various small scale skirmishes. They disbanded in 1646 after The War.Their Colors were a Green Field with an Armored Arm extending from a Cloud (placed near The Hoist). The Arm held a Sword. To the Left of this (The Fly), was placed a Gull. A White (Checkered pattern) Border was applied to the perimeter of the flag (but ending at The Hoist)The Latin phrase ''PATRIA POSCENTE PARATUM'' (or ''We Shall Not Be Moved from Our Lands'' was emblazoned on a White Banneroll and placed near Center.