• Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

A definate Roman Military "musical" instrument, the iconic Buccina was a contraption used by The Cornicens. They were the "Heralds" of a Roman Army. Becoming a Cornicen was a great honor, normally reserved for Veterans. The Cornicen used a Horn-like Trumpet which was circular in shape. The circumference was 3 to 4-feet and was designed to be worn over the shoulder of the Player. The Bell (or Front), extended over the Head. Made of Brass, a center Brass support strut was used to stabilize the whole of the instrument. The Buccina (much like most Roman musical instruments), featured no Note Valves. The specific pursing of the Players lips could produce 3 to 4 musical tones. The Buccina had a "guttural blare". They were also used by Civilian musicians during Ceremonies such as Triumphal Marches and Parades.