Brogit Staff

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By Crusader1307

With it's origins obscure, The Brogit Staff was a Scottish weapons which developed around the 15th Century. It existed until around the 17th Century. It was possibly based on The Morning Star Mace. A ''Melee'' weapon, it was a common home-made Peasant weapon. The Brogit was recorded by The English as having been used in various Scottish Battles against them, during their attempts at independence from The Crown. Ranging from 6 to 8-feet in length, the Pole of The Brogit was solid Oak or Maple (for strength). Often, these Staffs were heat treated for additional strength. The Staff was roughly 3-inches thick. The Head of The Brogit was shaped into an bulbous top, to which was attached a metal forged ring. The ring featured several steel spike extensions. On the top of the Staff, above the spikes was a longer spike extension (making it a stabbing weapon as well). The Brogit was a rather heavy weapon, often weighing as much as 5 to 8 pounds. This limited it's function and range as a close quarters weapon, requiring great upper body strength to weld it properly.