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By Crusader1307

Sometimes referred to as a Basket-Hilt Sword, The Broadsword is a heavy bladed weapon often characterized by it's large and often enclosed hilt (designed to fully protect the hand). Development began in the late 16th Century. Most European Nations had their own version of The Broadsword. Designed from the battlefield tested Mortuary Sword, the blade was 45 to 50 inches long and double-edged. A heavy weapon, they weighted 4.5 to 5 pounds! Broadswords were not considered thrusting weapons, but rather cleaving and slashing ones. Other classifications of Broadswords include The Sinclair, Walloon and Schianova models. The Broadsword was extremely popular in Scotland and Wales. These weapons were also considered ideal for dueling blades as well. Although large, scabbards were made for them (as an optional component).