British Westland L6844 ''Whirlwind'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

First developed in 1938, The British Prototype “Jet Fighter” L6844 (aka “The Whirlwind” was designed by The Westland Aircraft Company. Messing the designs of the popular Hawker Hurricane and Spitfire Fighter Planes of The Era. It would eventually become the predominate Twin-Jet Fighter of The Royal Air Force.
Seen as a possible counter to Germany’s “V” weapons and the looming Air War over Britain, production was severely hampered to to a shortage of materials and the consistent Luftwaffe attacks against England. As a result, it’s Prototype never was fully deployed during World War II. Very small numbers did however see some Air Combat in 1944 against German positions in Cherbourg, France. While not a “true” Jet Fighter, The “Whirlwind” used (2) Rolls Royce Peregrine liquid cooled V-12 Engines using high octane fuel sources. Each could achieve over 880 HP. In addition, a constant propeller drive sourced from a Twin de Havilland also increased power. Her armament ranged from (4) 20mm Wing Cannon and the ability to carry (2) 250-pound Bombs. Capable of airspeeds of well over 300-mpg, The single-seater “Whirlwind” had an operational ceiling of 30,000-feet. The general design would serve in future early British Jet Fighter Planes in the 1950s and early 1960s.