British West Spring Gun

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By Crusader1307

Designed by British Royal Army Officer Allen West in 1915, The West Spring Gun, was a hybrid weapon, once described as a cross between a "Medieval Trebuchet and a Catapult". The Device was designed for Trench Warfare use.  Weighing around 300-pounds, The West Springs Gun required a 5-Man Crew to operate. Roughly 72-inches long, the Device was a Metal Frame with an attached "throwing arm", set on a pivot. 5 compression Springs were located at the front of the frame and were exposed. 3, sometimes all 5 of the Crew were required to pull down the throwing arm and to lock it into firing position. Once triggered, The West Gun could hurl a variety of Hand Grenade up and over a Trench Wall to about 240-yards. Repositioning was difficult, due to the weight amd time required. Often, constant realignment was needed. Towards the end of it's Service, a specialized Grenade was created for it's use - The Model 21 "R" Ball.  The West Spring Gun also saw service with WWI Commonwealth Forces, at The Battle of Gallipoli.