British Welrod 9mm Pistol

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By Crusader1307

The Welrod 9mm Pistol was designed and developed by The British Inter Service Bureau around 1942. It was intended for used by Commando Forces, Irregular and Resistance Fighters during World War II. The Welrod bore similarities with The US ''Zip Gun'' which was a related weapon used by The OSS. Firing a 9mm round, The Welrod was 12-inches long and could be broken down into 3 major component groups. Operation was by placing a single round into the bolt chamber. The Bolt featured a spring loaded slide which was then pulled rearward. This locked the shell and armed the Pistol. Once fired, another round was hand chamber the same way. The Welrod had a 25-foot effective range and was seen as an Anti-Sentry weapon. It's overall design which forced powder gases to be forced rearward, actually suppressed the sound.