British Trantor Model 1853 .36 Caliber Revolver

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By Crusader1307

Designed and developed in England by William Trantor and Robert Adams (Inventor of The famed Adams Revolver), The Trantor Model was first produced in 1853. A prototype “first” in that it involved two separate mechanisms to turn the cylinder and cock the Trigger, The Trantor was a small, Personal defense Pistol designed to ne concealed on one’s person (similar to a “Hideaway”). The Trantor Revolver had a long production life, being manufactured until 1880. Slightly over 2.5-pounds in weight, American marketed versions were in .36 and .44 Caliber. The effective range of The Trantor was 100-yards. Originally a 5-shot cylinder, 6-shot Models were for American use. The Revolver became popular in The Confederate Army, who had scarce resources for it’s own production facilities of weapons. Thousands made their way into The Southern Armies until The Union Blockade made their import impossible. A Cap and Ball weapon, The Trantor Pistol was more famous for being the principle weapon of American Private Detective and Head of The US Secret Service, Allan Pinkerton. British Detective and Adventure Writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “gave” his immortal Detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson a Trantor Revolver, for self-defense – as well. The Trantor was also briefly popular with British Officers during the early phases of The Anglo-Zulu Wars in South Africa.