British TF.2 ''Salamander'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, The Sopwith was a Class of British Fighter Aircraft in use with The British Royal Flying Corps. (and later Royal Air Force), during World War I. The TF.2 ''Salamander'' was designed as a Tactical Ground Fighter and deployed in 1918. It shared similarities with The ''Snipe'' (a smaller version) – but not as widely produced (only 500 ''Salamanders''). Before they could see combat (although they were sent to France), The War ended. The TF.2 would still remain in service for roughly 1 year (in The Middle East), before being removed from service. One was given to The US Military for evaluation. Seen as Ground (Infantry) support Platform -The ''Salamander'' could maintain a sharp 45-degree angle of attack (for strafing tactics). This was seen as crucial towards the end of The War (especially with Trench Warfare).

The TF.2 was Piloted by 1. They measured 20-feet in length with a multiple wingspan (bi-plane) of 32-feet. Powered by a single Bentley BR2 Rotary Engine, it produced 230-HP with an airspeed of 125-mph. The ''Salamander'' could reach 10,000-feet (operational ceiling). Armament included (2) .303 Vicker Machine Guns (Forward mounted). Ammunition stores carried 2,000- rounds. The Fighter could also support (4) 25-pound Fragmentation Bombs.