British Supermarine ''Swift'' Fighter Jet

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By Crusader1307

First deployed in 1954, The British Supermarine ''Swift'' Fighter was an early Cold War primary Fighter, used by The Royal Air Force. 197 Production Models were fielded as both Homeland Defense Interceptors and direct Air-to-Air interdiction Fighters. Although a ''staple'' Fighter, very poor performance caused a series of accidents which grounded The ''Swift'' for a period. Due to cost, by 1957, all were pulled from Service. Piloted by (1), The ''Swift'' was 44-feet with a fixed swift wingspan of 33-feet. Power was provided by Twin Rolls Royce RA 7R Turbojet Engines, which produced 9,400-IBF (Thrust). Speed was rated to 710-mph. Operational Altitude was 45,800-feet. Armament for The ''Swift'' was Twin 30mm Cannon with the ability to support Rockets or Bomb deployments.