British Sopwith ''Dragon'' Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

A Sopwith Company Production Fighter – of which 200 Models were made, The ''Dragon'' was a single seat Attack Plane to be used in World War I, by The British Royal Flying Corps. With a late delivery date (1918), of the Models produced – none were deployed before The War ended. The issue was with the time needed to hand build the heavy engines to be installed. Most would still be incorporated into The Royal Air Force with Squadrons after The War, with them being withdrawn by 1923 as obsolete. 22-feet long with a bi-wingspan of 30-feet, The ''Dragon'' was powered by a single Dragonfly Radial Engine which produced 360-HP. Speed was rated at 150-mph. The Operational altitude was 25,000-feet. Armament included was Twin Vickers .303 Machine Guns, forward mounted.