British Sopwith ''Buffalo'' Heavy Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

Developed within weeks of the ending of World War I, The British Sopwith ''Buffalo'' was to be a Heavy Fighter, tasked with ''Ground Fighting'' capabilities. In short, The ''Buffalo'' was heavily reinforced on the bottom of it's fuselage to allow it to fly low above Enemy Trenches. This would have allowed it to drop bombs or machine gun Enemy positions. Only (2) such prototypes were built, as the War ended – with no need for such a Fighter. Crewed by (2), The Buffalo was 24-feet in length with a Bi-wing span of 37-feet. Power came from a Single Bentley 9-Cylinder Engine, capable of producing 230-HP. Airspeed when tested was 114-mph. The Buffalo could reach 3,000-feet in 4-minutes. Armament was to include (1) Vickers Machine Gun (Forward Mounted) and (1) Lewis Machine Gun (Rear Mounted).