British Short Stirling S29 Heavy Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The Short Stirling S29 Heavy Bomber, was Britain's first Heavy four engine bomber deployed by The Royal Air Force. Designed in 1938, it's first flight a year later – would lead to 2,500 production versions built for World War II Service. The Short Stirling was also valuable as a Glider Transport and was used extensively during The Normandy Campaign of 1944. Crewed by (8), The Short Stirling was 88-feet long with a wingspan of 100-feet. (4) Bristol Hercules II Engines provided 850-HP each, giving it an airspeed of over 300-mph with an operational ceiling of 17.000-feet. Defensive Armament included (8) .303 Caliber Machine Guns deployed throughout the Bombers airframe with (2) in the Front of the aircraft, (2) ''Waist'' Guns (mid-body) and (2) Tail Guns. The Short Stirling had the ability to deploy up to 14,000-pounds of varied munitions. The Short Stirling would remain in British inventory until a year after the end of World War II, with most being sold to Egypt. The Egyptian Air Force would retain them until 1951. There are currently no known surviving examples.