British Royal Standard (1801)

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen, The Royal standard of England has changed many times since the 12th Century AD. In 1801, The ''Acts of Union'' solidified The British Empire, which included England, Scotland and Ireland. The Monarch's Standard was designed to reflect that Union. It was also the last use of imagery that linked The English Throne to The German House of Hanover. It was also the first English Standard to finally withdraw any use of French imagery (going back to The Hundred Years War claims upon that Country by Henry V).


The Flag was Quartered (4 portions). The Upper Left and Lower Right Cantons contained (3) Gold Lions against a Red Field. This was the traditional Monarch's Standard for Centuries in England (Wessex Flag). The Lower Left Canton bore a Blue Field with Gold Harp for Ireland. The Upper Right Top Canton for The Scottish Royal Standard (a Gold Field with Red Lion). Finally, Centered over all was The Hanoverian Elector's Seal. This Standard would fly from 1801 until 1837, when Queen Victoria would have The Hanoverian Elector removed.