British Royal Corsican Rangers

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

The Royal Corsican ''Rangers'' was a Military Unit raised by England (1800) – which was composed of Corsican (Italian) ex-patriates, who had fled their Country ahead of The French Napoleonic Armies. They were recruited into an Allied Military Unit to fight against The French. They were primarily a Light Infantry Battalion of roughly 230 Officers and Men.


Commanded by a British Army Officer, The Corsican Rangers first fought in Egypt. They would be disbanded in 1802, with most remaining in England. However, The Rangers would be soon re-activated (1803) and would be sent to Italy to fight on their ''Homeland''. This included Sardinia, Naples and Sicily. However, in 1804 – The Rangers were overwhelmed and were forced to capitulate with The French. They were allowed to leave Capri with full ''Military Honors''.


Next deployed as ''Naval Infantry'' The Corsican Rangers supported operations against Montenegro (1814). They would garrison The Ionian Islands (Greece), until their final campaign against The Island of Paxos. Combined with several Allied Greek and British Infantry Regiments, they captured a Fort and scores of Artillery. They would disband in 1817, with most returning to Corsica. The Uniform of The Rangers was a Green Coatee, favored by many Light Infantry and Commonwealth (Allied) Forces. The Rangers had Red trimming and used The Light Infantry Baker Rifle.