British Queen Victoria's ''Scarf of Honor''

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By Crusader1307

An unusual item and even more unique story, involves a British ''Award'' that is not actually an award at all. These items were known as ''Victoria Scarves''. The scarves were hand crocheted by English Queen Victoria, of which only (8) were made. These personal mementos were to be given to those ''Private Soldiers'' who had distinguished themselves ''greatly in the Face of The Enemy'' – in particular those who served in South Africa during The Boer War (1900). Four were presented to Colonial Forces (Ireland, Canada, etc.) with the other four going to those in The Regular British Army. Rare and unique, these were the only non-Regulation articles of clothing allowed for wear with The British Uniform at the time. Many also linked The Scarves to an equal standing with the coveted Victoria Cross – but they are not. Only one is still known to exist.