British Parker-Hale M82 7.62mm Sniper Rifle

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By Crusader1307

The primary British Army Sniper Rifle from 1972 until 2003, The Parker-Hale Model 82 was a 7.62mm NATO Round weapon. Identified officially as a ''Target Rifle'', The M82 weighed 16-lbs. With a 28-inch barrel. A modified Model 1898 German Mauser Bolt was incorporated into the weapon, to support larger powder grain charges. As a Bolt Action weapon, the Shooter only could fire (1) round at a time. Clips held a maximum of (4) Rounds. Maximum effective range was set at 1,200 yards. The M82 used a wide variety of Scopes, having no set basic issued version (requiring the Sniper to chose His own). Adopted by many Commonwealth Countries as well, The Parker Hale M82 was also adopted for use as a Sniper Weapon by many European Police Agencies (some of which still deploy The M82).