British Order of The Bath

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By Crusader1307

A “Knightly” Order created by English King George I in 1725, The Order of The Bath was modeled on The Knighthood of The Bath (instituted by King Henry IV in 1399). In practice, when a person was to be Knighted (or receive his Accolade), he had to purify himself by taking a ritual bath (to cleanse himself of all impurities). Heavily based on Judeo-Christian rituals, The Order originally was reserved for Military Order Members. The “Ranking” of The Order consists of the current ruling Monarch as the Head of The Order, followed by a Grand Master, Knights Commander, Knights and Dames – followed by the lowest Order, Companions. Members of The Order (often previously Titled), have their Coats of Arms displayed at England's Westminster Abbey (along with other Noble “identifiers, if applicable). Although one's “Heraldry” is at the forefront, The Order is identified by The Maltese Cross (in Gold). Each “Rank” has a different Banneroll with that subset''s Motto. A special Sword (symbolizing The Order), is also awarded (ceremoniously) – and likewise displayed with one's Crest. The Motto of The Order is; “Three Joined To One”(which is for the Union of England, Scotland and Ireland).