British Northover Projector

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By Crusader1307

Officially known as The Projector, 2.5-Inch – The Northover Projector was a British Home Guard weapon designed for use against a proposed Invasion of England by Germany during World War II. Home Guard Units were comprised of invalid (medically incapable of combat service but able to perform basic military duties) – and men too old to serve actively. These men received basic military training (with many having prior service in World War I), were equipped with Royal Army weapons and often posted on Coastal Defense and in-country Guard or Militia Duties. They helped to free up much needed younger soldiers for duty elsewhere. Although much of their weaponry was somewhat outdated, many of their weapon systems were ingenious and cheaply made (produced). The ultimate goal was to prepare for the very real threat of a German Invasion of Great Britain (1941-1942). One such weapon system created for The Home Guard was The Northover Projector. This was a Crew served (2-man) Anti-Tank cannon which was capable of being moved without the need of a vehicle if needed. Tripod mounted, The Projector was 30-pounds in weight with an extended 36-inch barrel. The Projector could launch a 2-pound HEAT shell up to 275 yards. Simply operated by pulling back the chamber receiver handle and loading in (1) round – shutting the chamber activated the trigger (firing mechanism). The Operator simply pulled the trigger to fire. The Northover Projector was very effective against light armor. Over 18,000 Projectors were produced, with some even finding their way into The Regular British Army inventory. Some were cited for use in North Africa. They would remain in use until 1945.