British Newcastle Mounted Rifles

  • Anglo-Zulu War
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By Crusader1307

Raised in The Town of Newcastle, South Africa (1875), The Troop of Mounted Rifles were part of a small Militia Force to protect Newcastle Settlers and concerns from both Zulu and other hostile Tribes. As an Irregular British Force, while Horse and Uniforms were provided by it's volunteers – The Army provided weapons and material. (25) Troopers composed The Newcastle Mounted Rifles. Using the popular ''Frontier Black'' Uniform (also known as ''Patrol Undress'' for British Officers of The Era), The Pith Helmet and Martini-Henry Rifle were used. The Newcastle was part of the Advance Guard of Cavalry ''Screeners'' that went ahead of The Main Body of The Army – as they crossed over into Zulu Territory in 1879.


The Newcastle Rifles were among the first of The Army to ''draw first blood'' with The Zulu, attacking an ''unprotected'' Zulu Kraal. After that ''victory'', they spent a week on scouting missions for The Main Force encamping near the Mountain of Isandlhwana. When the battle there began, The Newcastle would fight bravely. Only (7) of their number would make it back to The Buffalo River (and cross over into Natal). Merged into The Buffalo Border Guard, they would Garrison British Outposts the remainder of The War. They were disbanded after The War.