British New York Volunteer Regiment

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

A part of Great Britain's ''American Establishment'' (a formed Military contingent of American Loyalists raised to fight against those Colonists then in rebellion), The New York Volunteers were raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1776. Over 400 Officers and Men served in The Regiment. The Volunteers were a ''Mounted Infantry'' (Dragoon) Force. In 1779, The Volunteers would be redesignated The 3rd Regiment of Volunteers (of which they would remain).


The Regiment served in (6) Major American Revolutionary War Battles, mostly in The Southern portion of The Colonies. They were stationed as far south as Florida for a time. They would be disbanded in Canada in 1783 (after The War), with most of it's surviving Veterans remain in that Country in lieu of returning to America.