British ''Nelson'' - Class Battleship

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The ''Nelson''- Class Battleship was one of two classes of Warships built in England and used by The Royal Navy, during World War II. Only (2) such ''Nelson'' - Class were built and deployed. They would remain in service throughout The War and eventually scrapped in 1949. The Class saw limited but important War Service, first in protecting The English Coast and later during D-Day, when ''Nelson'' – Class Vessels bombarded The French (German positions) Coast.


Typically, The ''Nelson'' – Class Battleship displaced 38,000-tons and were 710-feet in length. Their Beam was 106-feet. As was unique to British Battleships, The Conning Tower (Command and Control) was positioned not in the center of The Main Deck, but farther Stern (Rearward).


Crewed by over 1,300 Officers and Men, ''Nelson'' - Class Battleships carried between 4 and 16-inches of Armor plating throughout. Propulsion was provided by (8) Boilers and (2) Steam Turbines. Rated speed was 26-mph. Operational Mission range was 7,000-miles. Their armament included (3) 16-inch Main Guns, (6) 6-inch Guns, (6) 4.7-inch AA Guns, (8) 2-Pounder Guns and (2) 24-inch Torpedoes.