British ML 4.2-Inch Heavy Mortar

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By Crusader1307

The ML 4.2-Inch Heavy Mortar was a standard issue Infantry Field weapon used during World War II. Over 3,800 Models were produced. Reliable, The ML 4.2-Inch would continue onward in British Service up to 1965. Models were often assigned to Anti-Tank Units and Mobile (Mechanized) Infantry Battalions. The Mortar was wheel mounted on a flat carriage and towed (Jeep, Armored Car, etc.) Normally (4) Soldiers operated The Mortar. Typically a well trained Squad could deploy (10) rounds per minute. Weighing 400-pounds (with carriage), The ML Mortar fired a variety of HE and HEAT Rounds. The Mortar could also deploy Chemical Rounds as well. Maximum effective range was rated to 4,200-yards and had a 10-degree Elevation.