British Military Cross

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By Crusader1307

The British Military issued Military Cross, was created in 1914 – for actions during World War I. Approved by the reigning Monarch, it is given for ''acts of exemplary gallantry during Wartime. Any Officer or Enlisted of any Branch can be awarded The Military Cross. Originally, The Cross was only issued to high-ranking British Officers. It is issued in 3 Classes. To date, over 50,000 have awarded. It can also be awarded to a Service Member who had died as a result of the ''heroic action''.


The Cross is a Silver elongated Maltese Cross. The Bars of The Cross features the current Monarchs Signet (initials). Each Bar flank is engraved with a Royal Coronet (Crown). The Ribbon is a series of White and Purple vertical Stripes (2 White, 1 Purple). It is common for an engraving featuring the name of the Act (battle) along with the Recipient name and years of award (Rear of Device).