British Mark VIII ''Harry Hopkin'' Light Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Also known as The ''Harry Hopkins'' Tank (Chief Diplomatic Advisor to World War II US President Franklin Roosevelt). The Mark VIII Light Tank was considered the last Light Tank built for The British Army. This Class of Tank was used for Infantry Support Missions, of which only 100 were produced (beginning in 1943). Plans were even advanced to turn The Mark VIII into a ''Glider Tank'' which would be used in support of British Airborne Forces. This plan failed. Most used were in France, with the vast majority re-deployed with The Royal Air Force for Airfield Defenses. The Mark VIII was 8-tons and was 15-feet in length with a width of 9-feet. They were 7-feet high and Dual-tracked vehicles, powered by a Meadows 12-cylinder Gas Engine (150-HP). They could range 200-miles and achieve a land speed of 30-mph. Crewed by (3), The ''Hopkins'' armament included a 2-Pounder Main Gun supported by a single Besa 7.92mm Machine Gun.