British Mark VIII ''Cromwell'' Tank

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

Deployed late in World War II (1944), The “Cromwell” was a Medium Armored, “Fast” Tank that saw their first actions with The British Army at The Invasion of Normandy (France). The were a common Armor Vehicle of Britain's Royal Marines. Although they (as did other “Cruisers”) fall victim to the American M3 delivered for British Army use, The “Cromwell” still rolled into Germany with British Forces. A large percentage of them were exported to many NATO Countries during The Cold War – surviving until 1955. The “Cromwell” weighed nearly 30-tons and was 21-feet long. They supported 4-Inch Armor Plating (bolt riveted). Crewed by (5), The “Cromwell” was armed with a 75mm Main Gun and supported by (2) 57mm Mauser Machine Guns. They used a V12 “Meteor” Roll-Royce Engine and could achieve 65-mph. The “Cromwell” served as a Model for many future Tank and Armored Vehicles in The British Army.