British Mark I Valentine ''Archer'' Tank Destroyer

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Much as with The American M10 ''Wolverine'', The British ''Archer was deployed in 1944 as a counter to The German “Heavy Tanks”. It was a Self-Propelled Armored Gun (17-Pound, 76.2mm), with a 1-mile range. Used heavily in Northwest Europe and Italy during World War II, The “Archer” was given to The Egyptian Army in the 1950s (with some examples still in Service). The “Archer” weighed 15-tons and was 22-feet long. It was Crewed by (4) Men. The “Archer” featured over 2-inches of surrounding Armor Plating. It was a Twin Tracked, 6-cylinder Diesel Engine that was capable of 20-mph. Over 600 were produced. The Command Cuppola was open, affording no upper protection to the Firing Crew, but the Driver and Main Gun Crew were protected by The “Archer” Chassis.