British M1914 Austin Armored Car

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

A World War I Austin Motor Car Company production vehicle constructed for battlefield use, The Austin Armored Car was sold mostly to Prussian and Russian Forces. Only 168 were built. Rugged, Austin was in completion with too many other Provides to really impressed Britain's War Material Procurement Office. 3 variants were created, different only by armor plating and speed. The Type I Version, weighed 5-tons. Capable of 30-mph land speeds, The Austin crewed 4. Steel plating ranged from. .014 to .028-inches throughout. The Standard armament featured twin, 7.7mm Maxim Machine Guns in a forward fixed position (with some versions modified for Rearward fire).  The Austin featured 4 vulcanized rubber pneumatic tires. They were unfortunately not produced with protective rails. Some of these were also modified by Imperial Russian Forces (who would continue to use the Austin well into The Russian Revolution, after The War).