British ''Louisbourg'' Grenadiers

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By Crusader1307

Formed in 1759, The ''Louisbourg Grenadiers were a conglomerate Regiment which consisted of The 22nd, 40th and 45th Regiments of Line (Infantry). The Regiment was devised and commanded by General Wolfe Tone – during his Defense of Louisbourg (from The French), Nova Scotia (Canada) – during The Seven Years War (known as The French and Indian War in North America). They mustered in 300 Officers and Men. The Regiment was re-outfitted as Grenadiers, The Regiment would fight in all of General Tone's campaigns. Even after Tone's death at the Battle of The Plains of Abraham (1759), The Regiment would finish out The War.


The Regiment wore the Scarlett Tunic with Pantaloons of an Upper Red with a Lower White. A Buff and Gold Mitre (The Mitre being the symbol of The Grenadier). They used a wide variety of Flintlock Rifles. After The War, The Louisbourg Grenadiers were disbanded (in name) – with survivors returning back to their original Regiments.