British Imperial Light Horse

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By Crusader1307

Formed in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1899 – The British Imperial Light Horse was a Light Horse (Cavalry) Regiment was composed of not only Colonial British Settlers, but about 50 American ''Volunteers'' – who enlisted to support The British in against The Boers. Numbering about 135 Enlistee's, The Imperial Light Horse fought in several key battles of The War.


Of the American Volunteers, almost all had previous Military experience. Many had fought in the recently ended Spanish-American War (Army, Navy and Marine), while still more had backgrounds fighting with The US Cavalry on The Plains, during The Indian Wars (1870s-1880s). On Trooper, Leonard Chadwick, was a Congressional Medal of Honor Winner. His courage during and several leadership ''under fire'', would earn Him The British Distinguished Conduct Medal.


Remaining Active after The War as a Frontier Patrol and Constabulary, The Light Horse would be disbanded under British authority and raised under control of The Union of South Africa (1910, as The Johannesburg Light Horse Regiment) - Fighting for South Africa in World Wars I & II (as an Armor Regiment). They are currently identified as an Armored Car regiment within The South African Army.