British Hales's Rifle Grenade

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By Crusader1307

Designed in 1915 for use in The British Army during World War I, The Hales Rifle Grenade was technically a “Rod Grenade”. In theory, a Rod Grenade is an explosive device (1.5 pounds) mounted in a rod or peg – that is then placed directly down the barrel of a rifle. The explosive is activated via a pull pin. Finally, using a blank cartridge round, the rifle is aimed at elevation. Upon firing the blank round, the force created will “launch” the grenade a greater distance (than if thrown). Not immediately liked by The British Army, it would become very useful when applied to Trench Warfare. A common problem with “Rod Grenades”, is the extreme wear and tear they cause to the rifle. Declared obsolete after the War, they would be discontinued in use (in England).