British Gloster ''Javelin'' Jet Interceptor

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By Crusader1307

A British Cold War Fighter-Interceptor Jet, The Gloster ''Javelin'' was first introduced in 1951. The Fighter served until replaced in 1968 by more advanced systems. During it's tenure, The Javelin was seen as a very effect Interceptor-Support Fighter with the Royal Air Force. Close to (500) Production Models were deployed throughout Great Britain. The Fighter seated (2). They were 57-feet long with a 52-foot wingspan. Propulsion derived from Twin Afterburning Turbo Engines capable of achieveing 12,000-IBF of Thrust. The Operational Ceiling of The Javelin was 17,000-feet. Speed was rated to Mach 0.9 (roughly 1,400-mph).


Weapons platforms for The Fighter varied. But most common was (4) 30mm Cannon (Wing and Fuselage mounted) with the ability to carry up to (4) Air to Air Rockets of various types. After their decommissioning in 1968, most Javelins were sold to friendly NATO Countries, with some variants being used well into the 1990s.