British Ferguson .69 Caliber Musket

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Designed by British Infantry Officer Patrick Ferguson, The Ferguson Musket was one of the first breech-loading rifles put into service in The British Army. Produced from 1776 until 1778, the Musket weighed some 8-pounds (light for The Era). Weapon length varied from 45 to 50 inches. The Ferguson fired a .69 caliber lead shot to an effective range of 300 yards (but documents have it at a firm 200 yards).


In a trained shooters hands, The Ferguson was supposedly capable of 7 to 10 rounds per minute. Still in the Flintlock-Class of weapons, it was difficult and time consuming to construct. The weapon also broke down during hard and excessive battlefield conditions. Innovative and capable of producing more shots that the standard infantry musket of it's day, it's “cons” outweighed it's “pros”. The Ferguson Musket did see some limited used during The American Revolutionary War. It was discontinued for production in 1778.