British Farley ''Battle'' Light Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The British Farley ''Battle'' Light Bomber was a popular and mass produced early Royal Air Force weapon in the mid-1930s, thru mid-1943 (World War II). The ''Battle'' was used by The Royal Navy (briefly). Flown by a Crew of (3), The ''Battle'' saw most of it's combat service in The Battle of France. However, the Bomber (of which close to 3,000 Models were produced), was close to decimated in extreme combat loses of nearly 50%. After 1943, surviving Models were regulated to Training and Recon duties. At it's highest deployment, over (20) RAF Squadrons were formed. The ''Battle'' was 43-feet long with a wingspan of 55-feet. Power was provided by a single Rolls Royce V-12 Piston Engine, capable of producing 1,030-HP. Airspeed was rated to 260-mph. It's range was to 1,000 miles and The ''Battle'' had an Operational Ceiling of 25,000-feet. Munitions were varied with either a (4) grouping of 250-lb. Bombs of various types or a single 1,000-lb Munition. The ''Battle'' supported (2) Vickers .303 Machine Guns (Rear Mounted and Wing Mounted). Many Allied Nations would continue to use decommissioned ''Battles'' well into the 1950s as Trainers. Several have survived to date.