British EM-02 No. #9 .290 Caliber Assault Rifle

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By Crusader1307

Also known as The ''Janson Rifle'', The No.9 Rifle was an early British Army Assault Rifle, produced in 1951 – during the early ''Cold War''. Design prototypes were based on late World War II German Assault weapons (captured and experimented with). Gas operated (blowback), The No. 9 used a .280 round (an early 7.62mm variant). Weighing 7-pounds, the overall length was 35-inches long. It used a 20-round magazine (rear positioned) and was effective up to 800-yards on semi-automatic. The No. 9 also incorporated an optical sighting component. The recoil system was absorbed via a dual rear spring, stocked system. Efficient but expensive to mass produce, the several hundred prototypes made were liked in testing. British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill himself, stopped further orders, opting for cheaper models and versions compatible with NATO standardized ammunition types. However, The No. 9 overall design would be incorporated in future British firearms weapons designs.