British ''Coventry'' Armored Car

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

A late World War II British Armored Military Vehicle, The ''Coventry'' Armored Car was first deployed in 1943. Over 220 productions Models were built, with most seeing serving in The European Theater. The ''Coventry'' was a hearty and reliable Armored Vehicle, well received by British Soldiers. Many would be sold to France, with these making their way into The Indochina War of 1946-1954. The ''Coventry'' was a 4x4 Wheeled vehicle which supported Armor plating rated at .55-inches throughout. They weighed around 10-tons and were powered by a Hercules Petrol (Gas) Engine (175-HP) capable of 40-mph on open terrain. The Car supported 3 to 4 Soldiers (Driver and Gunners). The Vehicle supported a primary 2-Pounder Cannon (Main Gun) and (1) Besa 7.62mm Machine Gun. Several have survived as Museum pieces.