British Calisher & Terry .58 Caliber Carbine

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By Crusader1307

One of the first breech-loading carbines made, it was developed by William Terry and Bertram Calisher in 1855. The Carbine used a waterproofed paper cartridge which was ignited by a percussion cap. The design further used a unique cartridge which held the round inside the nitrated paper wrapper (each round pre-measured with the correct powder charge). Additionally, a greased felt wad was included to held stabilize the round in the barrel. The weapon was produced and used by The 18th New Zealand Hussars and by various New Zealand Constabulary Units of The Era. Several hundred even made their way into American Confederate Cavalry (during The American Civil War). Their numbers were never fully exploited and most that were used amounted to no serious accolades. Weighing at 8-pounds and firing a .58 caliber type composite bullet, the effective range varied at 400 yards. With the competing “bigger” Armories (having monies to advance their own innovations – such as The Sharps Carbine), The Calisher & Terry Carbine ceased production in 1870.