British Brodie Helmet

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By Crusader1307

The “Brodie” Helmet is the most iconic of World War I pieces. Designed by Englishman John Brodie in 1915, it was known as the Model 1917 Helmet (in America) and The Mark I (in England). Nicknamed “The Doughboy “ by US soldiers and “The Tommy Hat” by their English counterparts – The Brodie was a long serving head protector that served well into the 1950s (in England). Constructed of 1 piece of molded steel, it featured a circular “brim”. Held in place by a leather (or cloth buckled strap), it did not feature the traditional inner liner (for better fit), that later helmets would offer. Designed primarily against shrapnel, it provided no protection around the back of the head (neck) or sides of the face.