British Bristol ''Scout'' M1

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By Crusader1307

(130) of The Bristol ''Scout'' M1s were built for use during the later period of World War I in England. Deployed in 1917, The Scout M1 was based on the popular design (first pioneered by The Imperial Germany Air Corps.), of the ''Monowing''. Should to be faster with a better ease in handling – The Scout M1 was among the first such ''Mono'' designs tested by England. Although too late for active Service in France, The Scout M1 saw Scouting and Observation duties in The Middle East. Later, by 1918-1920, most were sold to several South American Countries, and were used as early Trainers and even ''Mail Service''. (4) Variants were developed, with very few still surviving(Museums) and even (1) actual 'Flying'' Model.
Crewed by a single Pilot, The Scout M1 had an overall wingspan of 31-feet with a fuselage of 20-feet. Powered by a single Le Rhone 9-cylinder Engine, rated airspeed was 130-mph (110-HP). The Operational Ceiling of The M1 was 20,000-feet. The Scout M1 also featured a fixed Vickers (forward facing) .303 Machine Gun.