British Bristol F1 Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The Bristol Fighter was another fighter developed independently of The Sopwith Aviation Company. Developed in 1916, The Bristol was nicknamed “Biff” by it's Pilots. It's initial “slender” body designed proved a problem at first. However it's overall ability in the air as a fighter quickly replaced and doubt of “Pilot protection”. Designed to hold 2 crewman (a Pilot and Gunner/Observer), The Bristol was 25 feet long with a (multi) wingspan of 40 feet. She was able to make 124 miles per hour. The Bristol had a “low ceiling” operation of 5,000 feet. She was armed with a single 7.7mm Vickers Machine Gun to the front and (1) Lewis Gun – in the rear. Over 5,500 were made for overseas sales (of which America was a main source).