British ''Blue Steel '' Nuclear Device

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By Crusader1307

The ''Blue Steel'' Device was a British Cold War weapon, designed to bolster that Countries Nuclear attack and Deterrent Protocols. It was first introduced in 1963 and would remain in inventory until removed from Service in 1970. The ''Blue Steel'' Missile was seen as a ''Stand Off'' Missile. This Class of Missile was launched at far greater distances than traditional Missiles and was guided to target so as to be able to evade possible Enemy retaliation (''flown'' as it were, by television and radar telemetry). The Class was best seen as a mainstay device with the previously discussed ''V-Bombers'' (Britain's Nuclear Response Aircraft). ''Blue Steel'' was over 17,000-lbs and were 35-feet in length (with a 48-inch diameter). A Single stage Missile, it was liquid propelled (with an IBF thrust of 24,000 (and was capable of speed rated at Mach 3). ''Blue Steel'' carried a Warhead with a 1.1-MT blast radius. Operational ceiling was rated at 70,000-feet with a Mission Range of 575-miles.