British Blacker Bombard

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By Crusader1307

Also known as The 29mm Spigot Mortar, The British ''Blacker Bombard'' was a anti-tank weapon devised for primary use by The British Home Guard during World War II. A crew served weapon, it was developed for use against Germany in 1940 for the very real possibility of Invasion by that Country. It was seen as a easily operated urban defense weapon of which 22,000 were produced. Weighing 112-pounds, The Blacker Bombard was operated by 3 to 5 Guardsmen. It could fire a 20-pound High Explosive round up to 100-yards. With proper operation, 6 to 8 rounds could be deployed. The rounds were tailored for anti-armor and personnel operations. As many as (8) Guns were issued to a single Brigade of Home Guard. Most were pre-deployed throughout England (mostly Coastal Communities and Regions), in concrete emplacements. The weapons could be easily removed and quickly moved if needed. Later, The Blacker would be deployed in limited numbers with The British Army during The North African Campaign of 1942 – with some success. Amazingly, over 350 Blacker Pedestal Emplacements still exist throughout England.