British Avro ''Vulcan'' Jet Bomber

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By Crusader1307

A none the less unusual example of Cold War Aircraft, The British Avro “Vulcan” Bomber was a “Delta Wing”, High-Altitude Bomber used in The British Royal Air Force between 1956 and 1984. It was one of Britain’s first “true” strategic bombers deployed to counter medium-level Soviet Bombers which may have posed a threat to The United Kingdom in the event of a Nuclear attack. The “Vulcan” was also one of the most expensive Jet Bombers built up to that time. Only 136 were produced and considered the backbone of England’s Nuclear Deterrent/Strike Force. Officially classed a “V” Bombers, The “Vulcan” crewed (5) Men. They were nearly 100-feet long with a wingspan of 98-feet. The Bomber was powered by (4) Bristol Olympic Turbojets which allowed for a maximum airspeed of 650-mph (with Mach 1 achieved at 45,000-feet). The “Vulcan” could range close to 3,000-miles. The operational ceiling was rated at 55,000-feet. The “Vulcan” carried no defensive weapons. It was determined that speed and evasion was the principle tactic to be use. The “Vulcan” carried various Atomic weapons platforms, to include (1) “Blue Danube” Gravity Device, or (6) other Special Device Packages. If used as a conventional Bomber, The “Vulcan” could carry up to 21,000-pounds of Ordnance. (3) variants were built, with The “Vulcan” remaining a primary Bomber in The RAF until 1984.