British Ashantee War Service Medal

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By Crusader1307

The ''Ashantee'' Medal was a British 19th Century Army Campaign Award given to those Army (to include Native Contingent and Colonial Forces) – who served during The Ashantee Wars (which were a series of South African Conflicts ranging from 1824 until 1900). This version of Award was given for participation in what was then known as The ''3rd Ashantee War'' (1873-1874). While considered an ''Army Medal'', over 3,000 Royal Naval Sailors of all Ranks also received The Medal for their ''Land and River'' Services.


The Device was a Circular Silver image (profile) of British Queen Victoria. The Reserve image featured British soldiers engaging Ashantee Warriors. The Medal Ribbon was a series of Black and Yellow Stripes. As was traditional with British Military Medals, Service Claps (small Silver Bars), were placed on the Ribbon with the name of the particular Battle or Campaign.