British Armstrong-Whitworth F.K.6 Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The Armstrong-Whitworth Series F.K.6 were experimental Tri-Planes (3-winged) Fighter Planes, deployed by The British Flying Corps. in 1916. Built to counter the single winged German Fokker E-1, while The F.K. Series were well suited for high altitude combat, gun synchronization proved too much for The Corps. to invest. As such, only (2) of The F.K.6 Models were built (with none surviving). Crewed by three (a Pilot and 2 Gunners), The F.K.6 Model was 40-feet long with wingspans of 67-feet. Powered by a single Rolls-Royce Eagle V-12 Engine, they could achieve 250-HP for an airspeed of 80-mph. Twin .303 Lewis Machine Guns were their primary weapon.