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By Crusader1307

Created in 1588 during The Anglo-Spanish War (which began in 1585), The Admiralty (which would become The Royal Navy), was born out of the epic assault of The Spanish Armada against England. The Armada (which greatly outgunned and Class The small and almost non-existent British Navy), was best by them using both unconventional tactics and “God's Help”min the form of one of the worst English Chanel Storms of the 16th Century.


The totality of The Navy for The Kingdom of England under Queen Elizabeth I, The “Office of The Admiralty actually goes back to 1400 and was under a “High Lord Admiral”. This Nobleman was placed by a King or Queen. Despite the logical choice being a very experienced Seaman or Sailing Master, - these were mot always a requirement for Office. It was not until 1628, that a Board of Officers – headed by a High Admiral, was instituted as the Administrative Control over The Royal Navy. They were tasked with Rules, Regulations, establishment of recruitment of Men and Officers, appointed of Ships etc.


The few Ships that constituted The Royal Navy during The Spanish Attack in 1588, The High Admiral of Queen Elizabeth's Fleet (which was both Royal Warships and Privateers on Royal Commission), was identified by a Red Swallowtail Guidon. The symbol of an Anchor (in Gold) and “reclined” was placed to take up the entirety of the Field. It would become known (as still is) as The “Anchor Flag”.