British ADEN 30mm Auto-Cannon

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By Crusader1307

With development based on WWII Germany's Mauser 20mm Aircraft Cannon, The British ADEN Cannon was the answer to a more lethal Aircraft weapons platforn, which is still is effective and ''in-service''. A wide variety of aircraft placements have been attempted over the years, with most versions being wing or under fuslage mounted. Electrically fired, The ADEN is most often seen in 30mm calibre. Since it's development and deployment in 1946, The ADEN had been used in both rotary and jet fighter configurations.


Utilizing the .30 Calibre (.111mm) round, The ADEN is also configured to chamber a wide type of ammunition, to include explosive (impact) rounds. Typically, a cyclic rate of 1,300-rpm is common with Fighters of The Royal Air Force. The long lived ADEN is however, being phased out - beginning with The Royal Navy Figter Squadrons (2006), with full removal being seen by 2025 - as an active combat deployed weapons system. However, versions will still be used for training purposes.